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Dastan Dhaai Aakhar Ki by Ankit Chadha (29-04-2017)

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Ankit Chadha, a writer, researcher and storyteller, specializes in weaving research-based narratives for Dastangoi - the traditional art of storytelling. His writing varies from biographical accounts of personalities like Dara Shikoh and Majaaz Lakhnavi; to modern folk tales on nomadic pastoralism and the Internet. He has been invited to speak on the Dastan narratives at Princeton, Harvard, Yale, IIT and JNU. Ankit also works for young audiences, and has performed the Urdu adaptations of children's classics including Alice and The Little Prince. He is the author of the award-winning book for children, “My Gandhi Story” and the recently released "Amir Khusrau - The Man in Riddles".

Dastan Dhaai Aakhar Ki is a dastangoi presentation is on Kabir - the poet and the lover. The narrative is based on historical research and folk lore around the 14th century Bhakti poet. Interspersed with his 'khadi boli' poetry, the dastan takes you on a journey in search of finding the Kabir who is within us.