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"All research will be useless if it is not allied to internal research" ~ MK Gandhi

Download Catalogue of the Books of the library at Sabarmati Ashram Preservation and Memorial Trust, Ahmedabad

Library and Archives Our memorial museum contains a sizable collection of manuscripts of Gandhi's writings during his stay in the Sabarmati Ashram which has been preserved with care and accuracy.

The library and archives of the Gandhi Memorial Museum consists of:

  • 34 111 letters-either to Gandhi or from him; original as well as Photostat copies. These letters have been microfilmed and entered into registers. A microfilmed copy of these 28 registers is in the possession of the Oxford University.
  • 1 371 manuscripts of Gandhi’s articles published in ‘Navajivan’, ‘Young India’ and ‘Harijan’ in any of these three languages: English, Gujarati and Hindi. The Museum has a collection of 6368 photographs and negatives of Mahatma Gandhi and his associates.
  • 210 films in Hindi, Gujarati and English which depict Gandhi’s life and his mission, the Dandi march and some rare films of the early forties.
  • 106 video cassettes
  • 612 audio cassettes
  • Eulogiums offered to the Mahatma, felicitations written on palm leaves, a philatelic collection of postal stamps, on Gandhi published different countries, diaries of Gandhi and some of his colleagues, copies of letters that Mahatma Gandhi wrote to the children of the Ashram, to social and political workers, to the rulers and to the world luminaries at large. It is a matter of great pleasure that the collection is increasing day b day with incoming letters from different places and persons.
  • A diary which Gandhi kept for maintaining addresses for the purpose of correspondence, an outward register to indicate the number of letters written, another diary that he kept during his prison life giving details of his daily spinning output, the quantity of food taken, the number of books read and the number of his visitors who came to see him.
  • About 50, 000 books including rare books on India's Freedom Movement
  • Books of Gandhi's personal secretary Mahadev Desai
  • About 6 000 photo negatives